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Fertigation Equipment
A full range of injection equipment ranging from simple venturi type, to electric drive piston and diaphragm units that are capable of dosing proportional to flow, controlling pH and dosing to a set EC

Venturi type injectors, 20-50 mm. (3/4-2")
The Venturi ALFA injectors are extensively used for the application of liquid fertilisers and agricultural chemicals into a pressurised irrigation system.
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DOSITEC - Electromagnetic diaphragm pumps, 2.5-9l/hr
We offer the latest design of electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps suitable for use in all types of industrial, municipal, water treatment and irrigation applications.
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MULTIFERTIC - Electric Fertilizer Injection Pumps
The Multifertic range of modular fertilizer injection pumps are designed for the independent and precise dosing of liquid fertilizers into a pressurised irrigation system.
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FERTIC Hydraulic Injectors & Agitators
Fertic & Ecofertic are hydraulically powered injectors that are operated on the line pressure of an irrigation system.
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DOSTEC High volume dosing pumps NEW!
DOSTEC injection pumps are fully adjustable and designed for high volume application. Nominal flows are 500, 750 & 1000 litres/hour
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