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Full Circle Sprinklers
Plastic and brass sprinklers from 1/2" - 11/4" (20 - 32 mm) sizes.

Part Circle Sprinklers
Brass and plastic part circles from 1/2" - 11/4" (20 - 32 mm) sizes.

Nodolini Rain Gun Sprinklers
Nodolini Rain Gun Sprinklers are available in sizes ranging from 1 1/2" to 4" (DN40 - 100) threaded and flanged connections. These are typically used for agricultural and dust suppression applications for all types of crops and dusty sites.

Rain Gun Sprinklers - for Agriculture and Dust Suppression
Nodolini has a full range of large turbine type sprinklers for Ag and Dust suppression use which have a proven record. They are available from 1 1/2" threaded - 4" flanged connection sizes. Depending on pressure the radius can range from 18 to 99 metres and flow range is 80 to 4050 litres/minute.
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Rain Gun Sprinklers - for Dust Suppression of stock piles
Nodolini has a range of turbine type sprinklers with a 43 degree angle trajectory, which are specifically designed for dust suppression of stock piles at mine, port sites etc. Connection sizes range from 2" threaded to 4" flanged. Depending on pressures the height can range from 11 to 36 metres, the radius can vary from 37 to 80 metres.
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Rain Gun Sprinklers - for Corrosive Water
Nodolini have a range of Rain Gun large turbine type sprinklers specifically made to handle corrosive water. These are suitable for use with seawater and wastewater for dust suppression at ports etc.. All parts are anodised or coated for protection, all mechanical parts are sealed.
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Rain Gun Sprinklers - for Hard Hose Travelling Irrigators
Nodolini have a range of Rain Gun turbine type sprinklers specifically designed for Hard Hosed Irrigators
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